In ISRAMAN swim start line we will give the race favorites competing in the elite category a few meters advantage in front of the line. In order to be a part of the elite category you must meet at least one of the following criteria:
Criteria Men Women
Overall rankings in an olympic distance triathlon or longer (in the 24 month before race day) with a result not greater than 5% more than the overall winner’s time. Top 1% in races with at least 300 male athletes. Top 3% in races with at least 80 female athletes.
Overall rankings in ISRAMAN Eilat / North (in the 24 month before race day) 1-5 1-3
Exceptional result in the past According to the decision of the organizers
  Prize money will be given only to the first 3 in the elite category, even if an age group athlete finishes before them. Elite athlete will not be able to win his age group category. ** Athletes who met at least one of these criteria and wish to race in the elite category must send results references to [email protected] and in order to confirm participation in the category and receive further instructions for registration.