Friday, 27 January 2023

The city of Eilat and its surroundings, as described in The Course page.


Swim – 3.8 km, Bike – 180 km, Run 42.2 km


Swim – 1.9 km, Bike – 90 km, Run 21.1 km



Swim cutoff time – 8:35
Cycling start cutoff time – 8:40
Cycling northern turn point – 16:00
Cycling cutoff time – 17:20
Run start cutoff time – 17:30
Beginning of last run lap – 22:20
Running cutoff time: 23:20

Failure to meet the cutoff times will cause an immediate disqualification and termination of participation.

The relays category is open to those participants who wish to “taste” the ISRAMAN experience as part of a team (swimmer, cyclist and runner).

This category will be held in both distances (ISRAMAN 226 / ISRAMAN 113). 


All participants, except swimmers in a relay, must be at least 18 years old (born until 31.12.2005).

Swimmers in a relay must be at least 16 years old (born until 31.12.2007).

Single participants (Men / Women):
Pro (Elite)
Under 24

Relay teams (according to accumulated age of the three participants)
Men/women/mix under 139
Men/women/mix 140 and above
Family (=parents, children, grandchildren and in-laws)
Couples (2 athletes relay – one competes in 2 parts)


  •  Age of participant is determined according to birth year
  •  Uniting categories – a men’s age group that will consist of less than 6 participants or a female age group with less than 4 participants, will be united with the one age group under.
  • Trophies will be given to the first three in each category.

To the first three in the elite category only, men and women, prize money will be given as follows:


First place – 10,000 NIS
Second place – 5,000 NIS
Third place – 3,000 NIS


First place – 5,000 NIS
Second place – 2,500 NIS
Third place – 1,500 NIS

These rewards are conditioned with the following minimum time requirement results:
ISRAMAN 226 – 10:59:59 hours men, 12:59:59 hours women.
ISRAMAN 113 – 5:19:59 hours men,5:59:59 hours women.

In case the minimum time requirement results are not achieved, the following prize money will be deducted by half.

The Israeli champion trophy will be handed out to the the first Israeli citizen in the elite category, man and woman, to cross the finish line in each distance.
* The Israeli champion trophy will be handed out in addition to other trophies.

It is forbidden to accompany a participant, except the last few meters before the finish line, as will be explained in the briefing.

The registration is opened through the website only, until the December 15st 2022, or until the participants maximum quota is achieved (the first one of both).
A participant who will complete registration but not complete the payment, will be removed from the participants list and will not be permitted to take part in the race.
All participants must show the organizers (during the preset declared dates) a health permit and an insurance policy that covers sports events and races, as explained below.
For registration fee and online registration see here

The number of places is limited to 1,500 bikes on the road (three is considered one pair of bikes).

Each participant who registers to the race, must provide in advance to the organizers the following statements in English:

  • A health permit signed by a doctor confirming that he/she is physically capable to take part in the ISRAMAN Race.
  • A signed statement saying that your insurance covers personal accidents including accidents while racing in a triathlon official event.
  • Israeli participants – please refer to the explanation in Hebrew, as the requirements from Israelis are different than those of the foreign participants.
  • Both documents must be valid for the race date, and must be uploaded to the system here.
  • Please note that you will not be able to participate in the ISRAMAN Race without these documents.

The committee’s members will be published at a later stage.


Please check the F.A.Q page before trying to contact us.